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Ways Women’s Empowerment Contributes to Community Development

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Introduction: What is women’s empowerment?

Women’s empowerment has been a worldwide movement since the late 1800s. This movement has grown in size over time and is responsible for many of the freedoms women enjoy today. Women’s empowerment is a key component of gender equality, which seeks to provide men and women with equal access to education, health care, employment opportunities, political participation, and all other aspects of public life.

What is the link between women’s empowerment and community development?

Educating women has a ripple effect on communities. Educated women are more likely to invest in their children’s education, have healthier pregnancies, and are less likely to contract terminal diseases.

The following passage is from the UN Women’s “Why when you educate a woman; you educate a community” campaign: “When girls have access to quality education, they become empowered and confident. They learn new skills to help them care for themselves and their families. They also become agents of change who fight for other women’s rights.

Women Empowerment and Community Development


Education is the backbone of a community. It ensures that people understand how the world works, and they stay away from social vices resulting from ignorance and poverty. Women educate children from when they are babies. Mothers spend more time with younger children, and they help them develop basic survival and life skills. When more women are empowered, they teach children better survival and life skills leading them to greater success and happier life.



A study by the International Labour Organization (ILO) found that women are the primary breadwinners in four out of ten households in developing countries. Women are also the ones who invest most in their families.

The entrepreneurship of women has a profound effect on community development. It is not only about providing for their families but also about investing in their communities. For example, in many African countries, women start small businesses like food stalls or fruit stands to generate an income for themselves and their children. In turn, they also supply the community with food. When more women are empowered, they can start businesses that hire people and contribute to the community’s living standards.

Housework and childcare

Women’s housework and childcare are essential services to the community. It helps to maintain a stable home life for the men and the children. This service is crucial to the community and allows the smooth running of society. Some women are often faced with the burden of caring for the house and children while working outside their homes. Although men like to undermine housework and childcare, most cannot manage and balance household duties and office work. When more women are empowered, they can avoid ending up with partners to be caregivers and contribute to society in other meaningful ways.


The fight for equal rights, representation, and opportunities has been a long battle, but it is finally paying off. Women’s leadership is a powerful tool in community development. Women leaders fight for women’s rights and ensure the laws are inclusive of women’s needs. They also provide a strong voice for women in society, leading to a better world for all genders. When more women are empowered, more women will be leaders. This will bring inclusivity and diversity to the community and government leadership which is essential for a better world.


Women are often the ones who volunteer to social causes that help nurture a better community. They are mainly active in volunteering for organizations that help children, the elderly, and people with disabilities. The women are often the ones who spend their money on causes that they care about, and they are also often the ones who are involved in fundraising and organizing events to raise funds for those exact causes.

Women’s volunteering can impact society as it helps build a stronger, more cohesive, and more engaged community. The community will benefit from their volunteering efforts when more women are empowered.


Women have been fighting for their rights and fair treatment for centuries. With the advancement of technology, they can fight for gender inclusivity, equal rights, and fairness, opening up opportunities for women to live better lives.

Women’s activism is an integral part of community development. It has helped many women achieve their goals and live better lives.


Women’s contribution to society is often overlooked or undervalued because we do not have equal access to resources or opportunities as men do. Women can contribute more fully and effectively to developing communities and societies when empowered and given equal opportunities.

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