Fusion Movement

The Unvarnished Mission of the Fusion Movement is to create a Female Dominant Species using the Erotic Power Women hold over men through the practice of Fusion Polyamory.

The Unvarnished Mission
of the Fusion Movement is
to create a Female
Species using the
Erotic Power Women hold
over men through the
practice of Fusion

The Unvarnished
of the Fusion
is to create
a Female Dominant
Species using the
Erotic Power Women
hold over men
through the practice
of Fusion Polyamory.

About Us

This is not your usual women’s empowerment movement. This is not the place where we entice you to burn bras, show your naked torsos in demos, or shout about your right not to become mothers.

That history happened in the 60s, and it served its purpose.
We won the right to fight to be equally poisoned by the patriarchy. We won the right to become men and continue to deny what makes us women.

We are more powerful than that. And while we have had to show the world that our brains work just as well as men’s, that we can be brilliant scientists and phenomenal soccer players, we have lost our feminine power in the process.
Fusion is the place to relearn how to use it.

So what do we offer and what do you get out of it? To answer that, it is important that you know in advance that we stand for Female Primacy, which we not only believe in, but can scientifically argue why all human creatures are primarily female.

We believe that the world should have more female leaders, a truth that goes beyond politics and corporations, though it includes them. Wars are made by men, aggressiveness is a male trait, and we have trained our girls to go from the “good girl” role to the “man-eater” role with no option in between. At Fusion, we know that only women can find this balance, but in order to restructure the world, we need women to step into this long lost power and own it.

By learning about our true nature, about female and male archetypes, and by exercising our ability to dominate sexually without sexualizing and thus diminishing ourselves.

I know this sounds like a very utopian concept and certainly not easy to grasp, but if you’ve been looking for a place to fill that void in your heart that tells you you were made for more, then this is the place to be, because for us, you are absolutely everything!

Join our movement and learn how to be the leader you were put on this earth to be. This is our fight and it is happening quietly and in the shadows…

Want a taste of what you can expect? Then start by picking up our book: Fusion Polyamory and learn what they have been hiding from you about your sexuality and your ability to dominate.

Female primacy

Female Primacy Is Scientific Truth

Female Primacy is the principle that women hold dominion over men sexually and emotionally. True, men like most males in the animal kingdom are bigger and stronger physically, yet there are species that are clearly female dominant. The Fusion Movement seeks to add humans to the list.
It may come as a surprise to many people that all humans start out in the womb as female. An undisputable fact and how that plays with the notion in the Bible that Adam came first and Eve was a product of Adam’s rib is up for everyone to decide for themselves. The double “X” chromosome mix (female) is the default setting for most every creature including humans. If a “Y” chromosome appears, which it does about 50% of the time, tremendous changes begin to occur in the womb around the sixth week. Testosterone starts being produced and once female begins to take on traits of the male. It is a battle of sorts whereby the female traits are suppressed and overcome by the male. Hence the male “conquer and control” pattern we see in the world is baked in from the very beginning often taking precedence over the original “care and cooperation” model of the feminine.
If there is any doubt it was a battle, witness the scar that runs up the middle of the scrotum; it’s part of the remnants of this ordeal that produces males.

All is not lost however for females, because there is something else that happens in the case of heterosexual males. An internal polarity switch gets flipped as well and that “Y” chromosome causes men to be inextricably, magnetically drawn to pursue the female often times at great lengths. There is always a trade off in nature; that physical advantage that males hold over females succumbs to the erotic and sexual advantage that females have over males. In some ways it is not any different than how we humans can train other animals that are much bigger and stronger than ourselves. Men are always looking for completion by reuniting with the feminine from which they came. It is obvious when you see it.
Therefore, men are viewed positively to be acknowledged and enjoyed. They are both life companions whom with women share goals and aspirations for family and career and as studs when at certain times nothing short of a new and mysterious encounter or a known “quantity” will suffice. Think about it. It is women who are most responsible for bringing another life into this world. Men are merely the match to a woman’s bonfire of human procreation.

Female Primacy then is the answer to the question of fairness and why does she get to experience having sex with multiple partners while he remains exclusive to her. Fusion Polyamory is the epitome of Female Primacy in relationships. Women can and must feel the confidence that goes with Female Primacy as it will be felt in every aspect of their lives.

The four principles of Female Primacy are the means for charting a new course for humanity whereby a female dominant [human] species is established.

1# Female is the default setting for all of humanity. All human life begins in the womb as female. Males come from Females who have been transformed by hormonal changes in the embryo starting at around week six. Female Modus Operandi: Care and Cooperation.

2# Maleness is an ancillary or secondary adjunct function to Femaleness. This can be observed elsewhere in the animal kingdom. Males are merely the match to the Female bonfire of procreation and are necessary but subordinate to Females due to the vast difference in roles each play. This cannot be over emphasized. Truly getting the significance of Female Primacy grants the confidence to women in creating a fusion polyamorous relationship. Male Modus Operandi: Conquer and Control.

3# As a result of having a “Y” chromosome, the “polarity switch” gets flipped and males are magnetically attracted to the Feminine and compelled to reunite and honor the Female form. Males become complete through associations with Females.

4# Women must learn to wield the Sword of Power that is inherent to Fusion Polyamory gracefully and intelligently. If they do, men will bow down before them in awe and reverence. If they do not, men will rise from bended knee and turn away without a glance for their queen has failed to rule them.

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