Fusion Movement

The Key to Men's Sexual Desire

Fusion Polyamory is the groundbreaking concept that cracks the code on Female Dominant Relationships where she enjoys having multiple partners while he remains exclusive to her. Those who have read the book have had a glimpse of something they now cannot unsee. They see it everywhere being played out along with the impulse to bring it into their lives. However, it must exist beyond a concept. There is a point where a Fusion Polyamorous relationship must become introduced to her life companion. Let us tell you right now, it is not a conversation to be had over morning coffee! In fact, it is not a mental conversation at all. It is an emotional-sexual conversation and we are here to show you how.

It is common knowledge that while female sexuality is as complex as each woman, male sexuality is much simpler in its nature. The reason behind this is because of the enormous undertaking that falls entirely on women in bringing a new life into this world. Men are the necessary, but by comparison, the tiny match to her bonfire of procreation. It is such an all-encompassing endeavor that her body has the opportunity to perform this miraculous event but once a month. Once that window of opportunity closes, she must shed the preparations she built inside of her and start anew.

Because the process is for women cyclical, if such a cycle existed for men it would make it many times more difficult for both cycles to match up and result in pregnancy.

Therefore, males have to be at the ready to mate with females whenever that window of opportunity presents itself. The mechanism for which men become ready to become aroused and ready for mating has been built into them from the beginning of the earliest humans. They are sexual opportunists.
Fusion Polyamory exploits these two elements of men’s sexual desire in curating a relationship where she is welcomed to have multiple sexual partners while he is drawn to being exclusive to her.

#1 Visual Cues

This mechanism has two elements. The first are visual cues that men are receptive to. You see it all the time. Men are continually and without conscious effort scanning the surroundings for the inherent beauty of the feminine. It’s what causes men to look in the rear-view mirror when they pass a woman on the street. They want to see her face! Women are also aware of this as they from a relatively young age learn how to apply make-up. It’s synergistic and completely natural.

Red Lipstick is the Tip of the Spear of female erotic dominance. It demands attention and commands respect and is effortlessly seductive, sensual, and highly addictive. Study after study supports the fact that men are magnetically attracted to a woman’s luscious red lips. Perhaps it’s the promise of a kiss they seek or something else, but there is no denying the power that red lipstick holds over men. It is the kryptonite to their superman, and they succumb to its alluring power. It is why women were branded witches for wearing it, because men feared the power it had over them.

Make-up and glam are incredible tools to express women’s power and sexual primacy. That’s why Fusion Movement elevates red lipstick as the symbol of femininity.

#2 Genital Pleasure

The second element that governs male sexual arousal is genital pleasure. The average time it takes for a man to have an orgasm is around three minutes. An unfortunate fact that a lot of women are all too familiar with! A quick anatomy of the male penis is in order here. There is a structure on the underside of the penis just behind the head that is loaded with nerve endings. It’s called the frenulum. While the penis as a whole has those pleasure inducing nerve endings, stimulation of the frenulum is what pushes him over the edge into orgasm. Just the stroking of your thumb alone can keep him on the edge for nearly as long as you wish.

Why is online porn one of the largest markets in the world? It is based on these two elements that govern male sexual desire. Men can acquire these two types of stimuli while sitting at home getting the visual cues while masturbating. Articles abound regarding the addictive nature of porn. The Provoktress has learned how to harness the power of both in her erotic control of her life companion. Get the guide book Fusion Polyamory to learn more about how to employ the Fusion Method in curating a relationship where you enjoy emotional monogamy and sexual freedom with others.