Fusion Movement

The Fusion Method


The first element of The Fusion Method is totally optional but should not be overlooked in its effectiveness: the use of Wrist Restraints. 

Yes, it takes a moment to fasten him with silk ropes or scarves but look at it like putting a bridle on a horse; it gives the clear message that you are in control and he must surrender to you. 

There are other times when you use The Fusion Method more randomly which is referred to as Spontaneous Fusion and not practical for the use of restraints.

Red Lipstick Tease

The second element of The Fusion Method is the Red Lipstick Tease, and this next part is important. You need to position yourself slightly above him so that your luscious red lips are at his eye level. You being above him also reinforces your superior dominant position relative to his.

[An interesting fact among Birds of Paradise is that the male bird has to take a position beneath the female while he performs all of his antics to get her to choose him!]

From this vantage point you are able to monitor his response while he becomes fixated on your red lips and combined with the genital pleasure which we’ll discuss next you will be able to control him like a conductor controls a symphony. The subtler the movement of your lips the better as he becomes even more entranced.

Sensual Touch

The third element of The Fusion Method is called Sensual Touch and it is where you exploit that other element of male sexual arousal: genital pleasure. Combined with your masterful Red Lipstick Tease your slow, methodic stroking of his cock with just the right amount (but not too much) emphasis on the frenulum you are now bathing his brain in oxytocin and dopamine, and he is falling in love with being controlled by you sexually and erotically.

There are other subtler measures you can employ from wearing perfume, erotic dress and music so all of his senses are being engaged in this intimate and evocative play.


And now is the time to plant the seed in his mind that will be the key to your Fusion Polyamory relationship. While you have him in the throes of your pleasure-inducing trance you whisper to him that his big balls are made to make lots of sperm and the shape of his cock is designed to scoop out another man’s cum. Be careful, the sperm competition impulse in him can be so strong he might orgasm on the spot! Studies show that when a man has knowledge of his wife or girlfriend being with another man, he thrusts deeper and with greater energy and ejaculates harder in an attempt to replace the other lover’s semen with his own.

You’re not trying to convince him of anything; you’re just stating fact. What he does with this information will be up to him. You don’t have an agenda; you are just letting him marinate in this new insight.