Fusion Movement


The yin yang symbol depicts the natural duality and polarity of this manifest realm. The white part of the yin yang symbol is the yang and represents light, warmth, outward movement of energy and is the masculine element. The dark part or feminine part is the cool, reflective, alluring element. The symbol is most often interpreted as representing balance, which it does, but the part of the relationship between yin and yang that often gets ignored is tension.

The interaction between the two forces in the universe at play is seen everywhere as a spiral formed when positive and negative forces are always seeking to achieve equilibrium. The spiral is evident in the very large spiral of a galaxy and hurricane when seen from above to the very small hair spiral on the top of your head and fingerprint and even the spiral double helix of a DNA strand.

Hours can be spent labeling and pigeonholing various aspects of human interaction as Yin or Yang, but instead of drilling down into that, let’s look at the dynamic itself and how it can be used to favor a more Female dominant position within sexual play.

I am one to argue that women aren’t the passive Yin creatures they are made out to be or labeled as such. In fact, men for being so active and “Yang” on the surface are typically emotionally more passive, inward and static while women are emotionally and therefore sexually capable of being the more active, outward and expressive.

How does all this pertain to Fusion and its focus on putting the woman in charge and in a more sexually dominant position? Judo is an ancient martial art that uses an opponent’s own aggressive force against them and very well demonstrates the active Yang in relation to passive Yin.  The inertia of an opponent’s own action if understood can be used to take them out of their place of power and leaves them in a vulnerable position resulting in being pinned by the less aggressive player.

Take for example a more active and albeit more sexually aggressive man, in the sense he is very motivated in his pursuit of the object of his desire, the woman.

The confident and artful woman recognizes that energy coming towards her in the form of invitations to go out, texts, obvious and overt messages of interest on the part of the man. Once the progression of events lends itself to the opportunities and occasions of intimacy, the woman should not wait too long to begin to establish her position in the relationship as the dominant one.

Of course everyone is on their best behavior at the beginning of the relationship, but how many times have we seen familiarity set in and those hidden tendencies of personalities start to emerge?  Before long the man begins to assume a kind of “ownership” of his girlfriend and suddenly wants to know where she’s been and “who are you texting?”, more and more asserting control over her life. Unfortunately it can get worse than that and the hope is that women will know when to call it quits and ask for help.

Fusion nips all of that in the bud. From the get go, the Fusion Date has the man in lite restraints requiring his physical surrender to her. From there she can begin to get into his head with her enticing red lipstick provocation and teasing. And lastly, thru her sensual erotic touch she can get into his other head and seal his fate of submission to her. This isn’t talk. This is the tangible taking of his sexual desire that you stoke and using it to hold him hostage to your influence and erotic manipulation for as long as you wish. Call it Erotic Martial Art. And when you decide to let him “tap” out or you tap him out, you will have begun to establish yourself as the one who is in control sexually and become the sole focus of his attention.