Fusion Movement

Who Do Women Wear Makeup For?

First, we need a few disclaimers before we launch into a conversation about makeup. It isn’t just the cis woman who wears makeup right? Lots of different folks out there who have their own reasons for wearing makeup…women, men and all of those who identify as them or both. Secondly, women can wear makeup or not wear it for any damn reason…end of story and there doesn’t necessarily need to be a discussion as to the why.

However, if we do want to drill down a bit into the topic we could say women wear makeup either for themselves or for others…or both simultaneously. Many women say that putting on makeup before going out the door makes them feel more confident, but confident in relation to who? You may be putting on makeup to make yourself feel better but it will be connected to how others perceive you.  Makes sense. 

So you could say that makeup is always for others to see, otherwise why put it on in the first place?  Perhaps the better question to ask is: what is the purpose of wearing makeup?  Some women will wear makeup to establish their territory among other women while in the presence of men. And related to that, wearing makeup will attract the men a woman finds desirable. Of course what that sets up is women becoming competitors among themselves for the attention of men and that’s a bad place to start because it gives the power to men. 

Rather than using your glam and makeup to “catch” a man, the FUSION principle flips that narrative by putting the Woman in control from the beginning. The Confidence and Power that wearing glamorous makeup should be used to train and program men to surrender to the Erotic Influence of the Feminine. It is a given that men are going to be attracted to the Female form to begin with which itself is a gesture of giving power to women, but by enhancing and jacking up that desire with smoky eyes, red lipstick and full eyelashes you’ve put yourself in the Power Position.  Don’t give that power away by trying to get him to “like” you. 

Every girl that is learning about makeup should also be taught that they hold the cards and as their Confidence grows they will begin to understand how to control men and not have to end up hating them because they’ve given away their power to them.  

The FUSION Method then takes it to the next level where that same Confidence is demonstrated in the context of intimacy.  The Second element of the FUSION Play Date uses the brain chemistry of male desire in the form of the Red Lipstick Tease to hypnotize a man into a state where he becomes malleable to a woman’s inclinations. Combined with the first element of lite Restraints and culminating with the Third element of FUSION, Erotic Sensual Touch, the Power of Glamorous and Sexy Makeup’s full force is unleashed. By this point, he is in such a state of confined sexual desire for you that you are able to begin whispering to him all of your inner most preferences and proclivities that you seek to instill in him. 

This Play can go on for as long you want and by doing so you are creating a neuropathway reinforced chemically with dopamine and oxytocin that trains his brain to “fall in love” with your Sexual Power over him.  This should be the basis for relationships and does more for Female Empowerment than all of the discussions and forums combined.