Fusion Movement

Which Is The More Evolved Gender?

In Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth, he eloquently explains how flowers are the “Enlightenment” of the plant kingdom, precious stones the enlightenment of the mineral kingdom and birds are the enlightenment of the animal kingdom having evolved from earth bound reptiles.  Females then are the “Enlightened” gender.  Women are adorned with flowers, precious stones and the feathers of birds.  Those are Feminine icons as well as being used to convey the presence of Spirit.

Lets keep in mind also that the default setting for humans is Female. Everyone starts out in the womb as a female then “maleness” gets added starting at about week six or seven.

Equality for Women has focused in the most obvious (and acceptable) arenas of social, political & economic changes. One can hope real change can come from tweaking the outside numbers where we want to see progress yet those three sectors are simply reflective of change on a deeper level. How we vote, what women get paid and how they are treated are the result of our society’s and cultural beliefs and not always the means of change.  Not that those efforts should be abandoned, but change comes painfully slow and at times seems progress takes a step backwards.  The fact that we have one day, International Women’s Day paying homage to Women’s Empowerment should suggest which gender currently has the power. It is the throwing of a bone towards Women. 

Apart from the fact that all of humanity begins as Female, what else points to Females being the superior gender?  How about being able to carry the next generation inside of them? Yes, the male provides the seed, but that hardly compares to growing another being in and as part of you.  Women appear to be the more evolved gender also because of less body hair. Evolution from our primate brethren makes the point pretty clearly. 

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Isn’t it obvious just by looking at a Woman’s inherent beauty that they are the more advanced and evolved gender? Males, for all their attributes which are no less stunning at times are simply the grittier and more grizzled versions of Females, get it?  They emerge from their testosterone induced battle in the womb like the Uruk-hai in the Lord of the Rings movie! There are apps now that can show how a man would look prior to the chromosomal and hormonal changes that occur in the womb.

The change that occurs in the developing embryo occurs not in the brain or nervous system initially, but at the level of the sex organs. Doesn’t it follow then that the key to Female Primacy goes back to that initial stage of differentiation?  FUSION is the accelerant to Female Empowerment because it goes to the very core of the Female/Male  dynamic: Sex

The development of males in the womb produces the “battle” scar that runs from a man’s taint up to the base of the penis which itself is the enlargement of the female’s clitoris. The outward pointing and penetrative penis combined with a male’s testosterone induced more aggressive nature is the typical dynamic that plays out in most mammalian species. That’s not the end of the story. That exposed penetrative penis is also a handle that contains countless pleasure sensors. And that outwardly and often overtly sexual motivation can be used to have a man succumb to a Woman’s Erotic Provocations…kind of like how a martial artist will take the force and energy coming at them and use it to their advantage. 

The FUSION Method of combining lite Restraints, the addictive quality of Red Lipstick and mind blowing Sensual Touch is specifically designed to have Women turn the tables on men and Restore their Relational Power and establish Female Primacy. Real change won’t happen until Women utilize their Native Language of Sensuality and Eroticism over men and in doing so the results will be reflected in all aspects of our culture and society.

Female Primacy is the Greatest Paradigm shift in human history.

The worst atrocities that humanity has waged against itself have come on the Masculine’s watch. World War II was not started by Adolfina!  The “battle ready” mindset that every male is born with had its time and purpose. It secured us humans, now 7 billion strong as the dominant species on the planet, but unless a new paradigm is adopted, one of Female Primacy, we will create our own destruction. 

The masculine motto of Conquer and Control that is baked in during development in the womb must be replaced with the Feminine one of Care and Cooperation. 

It is true that if you put fleas in a jar with a lid they will eventually adjust the height of their jump to adapt to their more limited space so even when you take the lid off they will continue to jump only so high. That story is used as an example of how we limit ourselves and our potential. 

Women must relinquish their shyness when it comes to asserting their Sexual & Erotic Power they have over men. Every day it seems we hear how men of great power and influence will risk it all because of the Power Female Attractiveness has on them. That intense attraction precedes the thinking mind and is the backdoor key given to Women to exercise their control on men.

FUSION is a sophisticated understanding of the Female/Male dynamic that allows the Erotic Power every woman possesses to reprogram men to surrender and defer to the Feminine. Yet it is simple in its practice. 

You start with him in lite wrist Restraints that right from the get go establishes that you are in control. Then, with your most intense and seductive Red Lipstick, you take your position slightly above him so your Luscious Red Lips are at eye level. And third, with your favorite lube in hand you begin your Erotic Sensual Touch….slowly, methodically and with unrelenting pleasure you begin take pre-mental control over him.  It’s not a race to his finish, at all.  No, the longer you keep him on the edge, the longer his brain will be bathed in dopamine and oxytocin. Generally speaking, if you count to three to complete one stroke down his cock and another three count to stroke up his cock you will be able to keep him from orgasming and under your Erotic Control. Your free hand can play a supporting role by teasing his nipples and caressing his balls; always making sure his eyes are fixated on your Red Lips. You should be able to read the ebb and flow of pleasure on his face and with the slightest movement of your lips take him further into your web of control.

After about 15-20 minutes of this play with his brain awash in pleasure chemistry and with the “live porn” of your Red Lipstick Tease, you’ve started to pry open his verbal mental mind that you can begin to manipulate.  Already, you’ve solidified your dominant position by controlling him on a deeply Emotional-Sexual level, but now you can use your words to take it to the next level. 

Start by reaffirming that it feels really pleasurable for him to surrender to you Sexually…and that you appreciate that he has given himself over to you. Next, you can start asking him what turns him on and what he he’s drawn to erotically. Now that you have him splayed out to you in this mode of surrender, you may uncover desires he’s now willing to share with you that otherwise would remain hidden. It could surprise and Empower you learn what may be revealed. 

Your Confidence will be on display as well; use it, cultivate it and explore its capability to assert your Female Primacy and evoke change and a new awareness of Feminine Erotic Power.