Fusion Movement


Now that we’ve set the stage with restraints and laid our erotic snare with the red lipstick tease, what seals his fate of surrender to you is the application of sensual erotic genital touch. And remember: It’s the journey, not the destination. More than anything else, your sensual touch conveys that you are in sexual control.

A man’s penis points outward into the world, but it’s more than a means for making babies or for a woman’s pleasure. It is a graspable, tangible, ready for the taking key to unlocking the power of the Feminine in the world. In contrast to a woman’s vagina, a man’s cock is mostly reflexive in nature. We’ve all seen videos of snakes that have been cleaned with their heads, skin and innards removed, still squirm and coil reflexively. Strap a vibrator to right place on a man’s penis and he’ll orgasm within three minutes. The functional nature of the male cock is something the Erotic Woman is keenly aware of.

On the underside of the penis just below the head is an area called the frenulum and is thee most sensitive part. You can elicit an orgasm simply by stroking that two square centimeter space of nerve endings. The pleasure is so intense that men risk everything from marriages, to jobs, to businesses and to political careers in order to revisit that intense pleasure again and again and again. Being able to tap into a man’s Lust Language that is hardwired from birth is intriguing. When you engage a man in his emotional-sexual core thru Fusion, his shields are down, which is the point. Once there, you can influence him in ways that mere conversation and “sharing” will never touch. While he is splayed out to you in light restraints, fixated on your red lips (live porn) and held prisoner via your sensual genital touch, you can and should start revealing to him what is important to you. You can start by saying that you want to be his focus, that he listens to you and defers to you. With every Fusion session you are re-installing the “Female First” software into his brain. Of course he is not a piece of hardware so you have to keep re-installing the program, but for certain those neuropathways are being established and reinforced with brain chemistry.

This is an entirely different response from a BDSM experience. Because there is a prevalent use of pain (torture) which causes the body and nervous system to recoil (like when you instinctively pull your hand back from something hot), BDSM will never be able to elicit the required emotional/sexual heart opening surrender that FUSION elicits. FUSION causes dopamine & oxytocin (the falling in love chemical) to be released and the end goal of a FUSION experience is to have a man “fall in love” with your erotic power. Imagine having a man fall in love with your erotic influence. That kind of power cannot be given; it must be taken. The one golden rule for the practice of Fusion is that you must prolong his orgasm for as long as possible. Once the orgasm occurs the sexual impulse is released needing time (depending on the man) to reset called the refractory period. You want to bathe his brain in the addictive pleasure chemicals you are producing thru your erotic sensual touch and red lipstick tease for as long as possible. This is called Erotic Waterboarding and can go on for hours reinforcing his surrender and submission to your Erotic Sexual Power.

The best technique for prolonging orgasm is the 3-second rule. Sound familiar? By taking three full seconds to travel the length of his cock (in each direction), you will continue to stimulate the pleasure generating nerve endings and release the addictive brain chemicals without triggering an orgasm. This is a general rule and should be an adjunct to your intuition based on observing his reactions and his fixation on your red lipstick tease. There may come a time that he may become emotionally and sexually exhausted or over stimulated and you need to bring the Fusion Date to a conclusion usually (but not always) by allowing him to have an orgasm. This should be a slow and hypnotic event and not where you’re quickly and mechanically jerking him off while you make moaning sounds saying “yeah…yeah…yeah” Rather, this should be a very slow approach to the edge of the waterfall with just the minimum effective dosage of caressing the frenulum to get him there. He should be led to believe he needs to earn it from you and this is where you positively and verbally reinforce his submission to you. This vulnerable pre-orgasm moment can be the time to introduce a new concession on his part. For some women it may be as simple as having him agree to her being the dominant one in the relationship. For others, it may be initiating the conversation of a consensual non-monogamy arrangement for herself.