Fusion Movement

Two Square Centimeters

For anyone who has read something about Fusion Movement they soon find out that it isn’t just a talking school when it comes to Women’s Empowerment…although there is plenty to talk about these days! But for those Confident and Sexually Autonomous Women, Fusion is a technique that gives an immediate and “hands on” means to assert their Female Primacy and benign sexual dominance with men.

There is a part of the male anatomy that is a like a key to the door of a man’s emotional-sexual house that you can have access to any time you desire. It’s called the frenulum and is an area one to two square centimeters rich with nerve endings just below the head of the penis on the underside. A cursory search on the internet for “frenulum orgasm” will get you a quick visual of the location and the ease at which you can gain control of a man’s pleasure button. Knowing that the urge for orgasm is perhaps the most powerful of cravings for women and men, Women have an arsenal of Erotic Provocations at their disposal. First, lets start with some wrist restraints just as a reminder that the woman is in charge and we’re on her timeline. Second, put on your hottest makeup paying particular attention to selecting the reddest lipstick to apply. “Red Lipstick Fetish” videos are also widely available to learn to the degree men are magnetically drawn to a woman’s luscious red lips. You want to park those captivating red lips like a red corvette right in front of his eyes.

Now the stage is set for the Third element of the frenulum caress. It should be slow and methodical; you’ll know when you got the right technique by watching his face as he continues to fixate on your red lips.  You’ll be able to read him like a book and play with him and toy with him until you get him to surrender and succumb to your Erotic Power. The Final piece naturally falls in place when you start talking to him and telling him that “It feels good to have a woman in control…doesn’t it?” Or, “It’s hard to resist my influence, you really tried, I can tell.”

Once you get into it, the Erotic Provocation can go on endlessly, but you have to be careful not to let him slip over the waterfall into orgasm until you’re ready…and after he’s earned it from you!  

It is just THIS very exercise in erotic reprogramming that will allow women turn the tables and take back their power from men. It won’t come from women talking amongst themselves about Female Empowerment. Men aren’t going to those discussions. It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you are in, be it a committed relationship and marriage or dating relationships where the tone needs to be established from the beginning about who has the power. There may even be a day when Erotic Facilitators or Provoktress’ use the Fusion Method for the sole purpose of establishing Female Primacy and benign Feminine Dominance. How different could the world look if that were the case? It certainly won’t happen on its own and by shedding the stigma of the Erotic Woman and the slut shaming that goes with it, Women and those who identify as Women can usher in this paradigm shift. And, it’s fun as hell!