Fusion Movement

Unselfish Women Having Selfish Sex

Fusion Polyamory could be described as unselfish women having selfish sex. The female fusion-polyamorist is confident; she knows how to wield the sword of power gracefully yet can’t help herself in living the care and cooperation inherent in her feminine nature. Who is such a woman?

There is always balance being sought in this realm. Homeostasis, the yin/yang of everything, is seen playing out in our daily lives. The activity of the day is balanced by a night of sleep. In nature, for example, hummingbirds have the highest metabolism than most other animals else in the animal kingdom.However, at night they enter a state of torpor when they go to the other extreme and shut down their metabolism almost wholly. Balance is key.

Similarly, for women who are constantly giving of themselves to others, spouses, children, and careers simultaneously, is it not reasonable to think that they can achieve an overall balance in other areas? And we’re not talking about bubble baths! A healthy woman requires balance in all her endeavors in life.

We believe women should seek untethered and unapologetic sexual pleasure with a Stud or Siren. This ensures she balances the service to others, often at the sacrifice of her comfort and pleasure, by getting serviced in return. This balance is inclusive of physical, emotional, and sexual well-being. Imagine losing yourself in a passionate affair of teasing and tasting until sunrise. Afterwards, you will be more encouraged to serve and care for your family and loved ones.

What is it then for a man in a Fusion Polyamory relationship? It is the same principle of homeostasis but opposite that of the woman. He is out in the world-conquering and controlling, a trait he inherited early on in the womb. First, what he conquers and controls should be guided by the feminine from which he sprang. Naturally, feminine balances masculine.

His balance comes from resting from conquer and control to surrender and submission as his female life companion seeks her balance sexually. Balance achieved.

Fusion Polyamory is a guidebook for how these unselfish women can enjoy selfish sex with partners other than their husbands and boyfriends without cheating as she regains balance in the relationship. This female-led type of polyamory takes a much more expansive view of female sexuality. It is based on the understanding that human reproductive structures and mating patterns that evolved over millennia exist in us today, just like our circulatory system and nervous system.

Fusion Polyamory is the fusion of the dual mating pattern of females with sperm competition among males. It is an ideal start for women curious about polysexuality and polyamory and who want to explore poly relationship styles. The origins of these aspects of human sexuality have developed over millions of years. Yes, millions! Women curate their polyamorous relationships and can enjoy emotional monogamy with their life companions (if they have one). While she alone has sexual autonomy and freedom to be with other partners, male or female, or outside the binary. This dynamic helps women explore their relationship with more than one male sexual partnership and understand the natural power of polyamory, ultimately choosing polyamory.

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