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The Relationship Between Fashion and Female Empowerment

At the Fusion Movement, we want to encourage you to be the most fearless female version of yourself. And yes, Fashion does take part in that!

Fashion is a way to express personality, tastes, and even a worldview. More than just putting together beautiful looks, it is a tool to communicate with the world. For women, it has also become a necessary process, especially from the point of view of female empowerment.

This trend towards emancipation and prominence in society does have a lot to do with looks. So, these are themes that go together and can help each other.

In the following, see the relationship between female empowerment and Fashion. Take the opportunity to discover how this connection can transform your daily life!

Female Empowerment

To talk about empowerment has to do with giving power to someone. In the case of women, this goes far beyond dictionaries. An empowered woman knows her role, her challenges, and her achievements. When one goes through this process, she gains awareness of the space she occupies in society and the tools to change it.

Female empowerment manifests through thoughts and actions, such as fighting for gender equality and achieving fundamental rights. Above all, it is a process of awareness, awakening, and collective understanding.

It is the idea of giving voice, conquering freedom, and of breaking away from the proposition of male-only domination. It is a movement that encourages and challenges.

The Deconstruction of Standards Through Fashion

One of how Fashion acts in the empowerment of women is the deconstruction of standards. Who said that stripes always have to be horizontal? Must that black be the preferred choice? Why not wear what you like more? Why not use more RED?

With this increased awareness of collective issues and how standards impact decisions, it is possible to deconstruct acting and follow paths that have to do with one’s personality – instead of just following trends or rules of behavior.

The Rise of Fashion Representation

Fashion also serves to become an environment of representation. Plus-size clothing brands, for example, play this role to inspire those who are outside the “standards.” The same happens with brands that feature people with disabilities, different ethnicities, and varied characteristics.

And it is not only the clothes. Accessories and shoe brands can also adopt this stance. The more people see themselves in the actions, the products, and the choices, the more they feel confident to make decisions that seemed “forbidden.”

Women Active in The Fashion World

Not least, you can see that women are increasingly active in the fashion world and other sectors. It is possible to see prominent businesswomen, creative directors, designers, and so many other professionals now occupying the industry.

If Fashion was a means of control for a long time, today, it is an environment of freedom for each woman to express herself and show what she likes. (Thank the 80’s, ladies!)

Female empowerment is a necessary and increasingly vital process in the current context. Very closely linked to Fashion, it allows each woman to express herself through her choices and, most importantly, to feel represented in every detail.

We want you to get dressed to kill and roar!


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