Fusion Movement

Why FUSION Donates To Women’s Shelters

Because we failed. As a society we failed to protect women from sexual abuse from men and failed to teach women the means for being in the natural superior sexual position in a relationship, be it at home, at work, in private or in public. By the time a woman checks into a shelter for protection and a place to sleep, many a opportunity has been blown to create an alternative scenario. 

Seeing Kamala Harris be the first woman and woman of color to become the Vice President has forever changed what young girls and women thought was possible. This will have a profound positive impact on the lives of women (and men) for generations to come.

This is a good thing. What happens in our private lives and relationships and sexual lives? Does such an event have any effect there? Possibly. Very likely however, something has to cut deeper…in the sense it has to reach our emotional core. Sex by its very nature is emotional and thus influences us from our inner most place, certainly much more than our intellectual thinking self.

FUSION or the Fusion Principle is a practical and guaranteed method of handing the reins of sexual power to the woman. Recently a woman shared that she changed her boyfriend’s vote for president by reprogramming his feelings by using the FUSION technique.  How can the use of Restraints, Red Lipstick and Sensual Touch be such an empowering force? Part of it is in its simplicity. Those three elements check all the boxes in what triggers a man’s sexual response and ultimately his surrender to a woman’s erotic influence and confidence.

What does any of this have to do with sexual abuse, sexual harassment or domestic violence against women? All of it stems from a lack of Female Primacy, the orientation that women, all females are the basis for human culture and society. Everyone begins in the womb as female and the changes that lead to maleness in the developing fetus carry over into life after the child is born…..unless there is another interrupting influence that re-establishes the Female and Feminine position. That is accomplished through a woman’s assertion of her superior sexual and erotic advantage. She created men from her own self and thus has dominion over his desire and response to her native language of Eroticism.

There are several Female Dominate species in the world and humans are currently NOT one of them. How different would the world look if Female Primacy was the norm? How much would the nations of the world spend on “defense” vs providing for the basic needs of the people of the world?  How many children would be separated from their parents if the Feminine Principle was the dominant perspective of the world? 

The world doesn’t have to be like it is now. The world can be a better place, a more caring place and a place of more opportunity if more women discarded the limits imposed on them by men. Requiring women to cover their beautiful faces or branding them witches because they wear red lipstick is just the beginning of the measures men have taken because of their resistance to surrendering to a woman’s intoxicating beauty and Erotic Power over them.

Sure, a woman’s beauty can be overwhelming to men, but feeling threatened by it isn’t the response that’s required. Likewise, women should feel confident while asserting their benign feminine dominance over men and wield that sword of power gracefully.