Fusion Movement

It’s About The Journey, Not The Destination
Spoiler alert, we’re talking handjobs here—though we prefer the term, performance art. Below are, um, tips of the trade to enlist in your fusion play—turning an opening act into a sensual main event. And make no mistake, you’re in control here.
The sheer confidence of a woman in control is intoxicating and it should guide our fusion play. Lavish your confidence and benign dominance on your partner, knowing he will thank you and respect you for it later.


You should always maintain a position that is slightly higher than your partner. That will require that he looks up to you and reinforces your dominant position while putting your gorgeous red lips at eye level. From there you’ll be able to monitor your partner’s reaction to your provocations.
Here’s a sensual anatomy lesson. On the underside of the penis towards the tip is an area called the frenulum and it is the g-spot for men and will almost always trigger an orgasm when caressed. So if you want your fusion play set to simmer, go slow in the nether regions. When it’s time for the full boil, lightly and slowly please the frenulum until the mind-blowing fireworks show commences.

This is your opportunity to not forget our friends from down under. While continuing to glide up and down the center of attention, use your red manicured nails to caress the scrotum and then gently stretch and massage all the while maintaining eye contact.
During fusion play you can spice things up by chilling “things” down. Keep a cup of ice cubes near by. Better yet, retrieve them from your glass of bourbon and apply as you see fit! Don’t make it into a production, but do make sure he stays focused on your lips.

You were made perfect with two hands, so apply the one not on your partner’s joystick to stimulating, manipulating, nipple pleasure, light touching of his lips, even gently pulling your partner’s head backwards by the hair … like a puppet on your string. And feel free to touch yourself as well—which turns up the heat for everyone!

Look, if you did fusion play like it’s intended you may have pushed the envelope a bit. Sex and emotion are interchangeable and after your fusion play is done, it is time to express your heart connection. Laugh, talk, cuddle….Eat chocolate and strawberries! Enjoy a connection deepened and renewed. The two of you, powerfully connected. Here endeth the lesson.