Fusion Movement

Males Have the Market Cornered on Violence…they have the receipts and the scars.

Setting aside the political motivations for the moment, the violence at the Nation’s capitol was overwhelmingly male. Of course it was you say, but why is that? Why is most all violence, be it politically, racially or sexually motivated almost always carried out by males?  The origins of aggressiveness by males, and not just human males can be traced back through scientific investigation. Studies in embryology have unequivocally determined that every human being and all other mammals start out in the womb as female. In the case of humans, at about week six or seven things start happening related to chromosomes and hormones.

What ensues is a testosterone incited battle that results in the developing male fetus overpowering the female to assume the physical body of a male. There is no debate in science that this how it works…and always will. It’s pretty obvious when you think about it. Why else to men have nipples? Less obvious unless you look for it, and this is further evidence of the battle in the womb, is the genital scar that runs from a man’s anus up to the base of the penis. That scar is the end result of  “maleness” having overrun the female and the formation of the male genitalia.

What’s significant about all that is that the process and the inertia of male development in the womb doesn’t end there. The very origins of male aggression (which served a purpose in the evolution of homo sapiens) is baked in from the get go. Is it any wonder then that little boys tend to make weapons out of sticks and seek dominance on the playground? It’s not taught, it is just who they are. How that natural male aggression gets directed and channeled is subject to cultural and familial influences. Sexual aggression towards women therefore has it’s origins in part to the physical development of the male, but that alone isn’t the reason. The negative stereotypes that young men are taught fuel the abusive and demeaning ways women are treated by men. The outward movement of the male psyche, wanting to penetrate and dominate females is seen throughout the animal kingdom, but there are exceptions and there are but a handful of female dominant species.

Nature is always a play of opposites and what one may gain as an advantage always has a vulnerability that comes with it. People who are quiet on the outside may possess an inner strength not seen by others and we’ve all witnessed someone who it pushy on the outside is often mushy on the inside! All males who pursue females sexually leave themselves vulnerable to being controlled by the very object of their pursuit. Female coyotes in heat have been known to lure domesticated male dogs away from home to then be eaten by the pack. Such is the compulsive nature of sexual desire. 

The intelligent and motivated woman who knows how this works uses her gifts and methods to turn the tables on sexual male aggression in her favor. She knows that like the matador’s red cape, her Red Lips are not just a fashion accessory, but can capture the imagination and inclinations of men to be used at her will. If women truly want to be the guiding influence in the world it will start by being the dominant partner in relationships and there must be the element of unapologetically asserting their superior sexual position. FUSION teaches women (if they are interested) how to reclaim Female Sexual Primacy, not through male negativity and hate, but by reprogramming the male mind to submit to benign female sexual domination. Don’t underestimate the shared experience of motivated Female Sexual Masters to transform and inspire other women to take up the FUSION Technique and change the world. 

It is a new era of Female Power and the force and influence of the Feminine can topple the long standing male hierarchy if Women will abandon the shyness taught to them about their Native Language of Female Eroticism.