Fusion Movement

Can the Fusion Method be used to halt male sexual aggression?

Male sexual aggression, sexual assault, sexual harassment are all on the radar…for sure. If you’re a man, and you don’t know this yet, you’ve been put on notice. Even your speech (as most of us are aware) is being analyzed for imperfections. By now you should know the ground rules and danger signs. It’s been a long time coming and earned for certain that bad behavior, particularly bad sexual behavior will no longer be swept under the rug unless you happen to work where the culture has yet to catch up to the times. 

So the above is not new news right?  But why then, having all of this information does male sexual aggression continue and, depending on when and where you take your sample, seem to go on unabated?  I think we can all agree that it isn’t just a matter of educating men young and old(er) on the skinny of what not to do. Clearly, it goes much deeper. Well, what’s deeper than intellect? How about emotion? You might think the origin of the word has something to do with motion, but it originated in our language from the French word √©mouvoir, which means to “to stir up”.  

So emotion informs the mind. We think it is the mind that is “in control”, but spend a little time observing your own inclinations, desires, addictions and you’ll see emotion wins the deeper you go.  How do you influence and change someone on the emotional level below thought and mere words.

Fusion has perhaps stumbled upon the answer. Sex and emotion are so intertwined that they are non-separable. It would be like saying vigorous exercise can somehow not affect cardio or respiration, it can’t. Likewise, if you engage a man sexually you can’t help but affect him emotionally and this is where it gets interesting. Fusion combines lite Restraints, Red Lipstick Tease and Sensual Touch in a way that puts the woman in control and men are left with no option but to surrender sexually and therefore emotionally. Without going dark in any way, you could say Fusion is a kind of Erotic Waterboarding where women set the tone, pace and conclusion of the sexual encounter, all the while coaching and dictating to the man what they want them to hear and understand. A kind of sexual reprogramming; and it’s not about hating on men, nor is it punitive. 

If men had encountered a confident, caring and completely in control woman that took them to the brink over and over, reasserting time and again Her position of sexual primacy would they have been less likely to assault women?  Quite possibly. If a dating site was centered around Fusion’s practice and philosophy of Female Primacy, how would relationships develop? Rather than the man owning and asserting his control over her after the honeymoon period, a Fusion focused relationship would set the tone from the beginning, putting the woman first and in charge. 

It’s not just talk; Fusion is a well honed and complex technique founded in the science of sexual brain chemistry and the erotic arts of tantra and sensual provocation. 

Could there eventually be a legion of confident, sexually autonomous women practicing Fusion and serving the transformation to a Feminine-led culture and society?  It only takes a spark which leads to a growing culture, soon a ground swell and a movement that can’t be stopped. 

Traditional psychology academia has as it’s cornerstone what seems to be hours of verbal counseling as a way of counteracting toxic masculinity. Frankly, what else is there in the absence of healthy role models who’s time may have come and gone for the individual? Anyone who has practiced or studied the counseling approach knows that it can cut only so deep and often the emotional place that spawns male sexual aggression is not reached. How then do you turn the tide?

Academia may eventually acknowledge the merits of Fusion’s groundbreaking approach to healing male sexual aggression, but more than likely it will come from a grass roots movement. This is because as Sir Richard Branson points out, credentials and degrees can’t replace innovation. Academia provides guidance and understanding, but it also tells you what isn’t possible within the bounds of what they profess. 

The Fusion Movement suggests to every woman of every race and culture that you no longer need to feel shy about unleashing the power of your own sexuality and eroticism. The suppression of Female Eroticism has been taught for far too long and the consequences of that suppression is seen and no longer tolerable to many women. 

Can Fusion’s method of piercing men’s emotional-sexual sheath have a positive and lasting effect on male sexual aggression while setting in motion Female Sexual Primacy in the world?  Only time will tell, but the moment is ripe for such a paradigm shift.