Fusion Movement

The Universal Attractiveness of the Female Form

If we were all sitting in a room full of heterosexual women and men and the question was asked: By show of hands, who here has been at a party or a club and “made out” or wanted to with someone of the opposite sex? We expect nearly every hand to be raised right?  Next question: In the same setting, how many here had the desire to make out with someone of the same sex? More intriguing for sure and I would be willing to bet that hardly any guys hands would be raised and not out of embarrassment, just not at all interested. I would venture a guess however we would see a number of the women’s hands being raised, some quickly and affirmatively, some more slowly.

Point is, heterosexual men of course are attracted to women, but women who identify as heterosexual often times freely admit to being attracted, to the degree of wanting to embrace, kiss, etc. other women. Why is that?

I believe it is because the Female form is the singular most attractive occurrence known in the physical world. Let’s remember that everyone starts out in the womb as female; Female Primacy, and everyone, every male comes from the female. So there are attractive men, no doubt, but they are attractive because they came from the female form, went through some chromosomal and hormonal changes in the womb and emerged as a necessary and complimentary counterpart to the woman.

Men’s attractiveness lies in part to their functional capacity for action and when it comes to their role as mate to and for the woman…well, she designed him well (in most cases): broad shoulders, square jaw line, etc. But he came from her, no doubt about it.  It’s like the drone (male) bee; made by the females, doesn’t have a stinger and has no role in the hive except to mate with the queen. All of the other bees in a hive are female and run the show. It is a female world that the male bee is invited into temporarily and for a limited purpose.

Female Attractiveness stands alone and is complete in and of itself. It needs no support and is not dependent on anything else. I think we all sense this and women possess an inherent knowledge regarding their native beauty. When a woman puts on her makeup and red lipstick for whatever reason she chooses, she knows she is tapping into the reservoir of sexual attractiveness that has no equal.

It is for this reason that Female attractiveness, Female beauty and glam is one the pillars of FUSION. Epitomized with the Red Lipstick Tease, perhaps the most intricate and complex aspect of the FUSION experience, Female sexual attraction literally changes the brain chemistry of men. Dopamine gets released in the male brain just from watching a woman apply lipstick. Combined with lite restraints and the unrelenting pleasure of erotic sensual touch, the FUSION Provoktress literally holds her man captive…for as long as she desires.

Millions of female followers have watched endless hours of makeup tutorials online. Now it is time to put that feminine art to good use. Use the power and influence of your beauty and glam to positively influence men and bring them under your guidance and control. That is what FUSION is about and that is what FUSION teaches.