Fusion Movement


Dita Von Teese once said that red lipstick and high heels will put the fear of God into men. 

Why do some women still have to cover their beautiful faces and  once were branded “witches” for wearing red lipstick?  Because men were threatened by the power of the Feminine and they shut it down.


Psychologist’s research suggests that men are “magnetically attracted” to pornography, the images, the act, whatever. Men and the male libido it has been said can be turned on by simply  putting a quarter into a slot!  What is it that a man first notices about a woman? Some research from years ago says that the hip to waist ratio of a woman is an indicator of child bearing aptitude and thus something that males assess rather unconsciously. Most people would agree it’s the face. When a man driving in his car passes a woman on the street, he automatically checks out his rear view mirror to see how she “looks.”  It’s the face of a woman how men resonate with a woman’s beauty.  Yes, high cheek bones and captivating eyes are their own skill set, but if there is one thing that is the equivalent of the matador’s red cape, it is the lips. A woman’s lips are the ultimate touch point of human sexuality. The kiss, or the promise of one is embedded in men from the first moment the Y chromosome woke up and said “let’s be male”.  Youtube and Pornhub are full of videos of women demonstrating a red lipstick tease (some better than others) to a totally captivated male (usually) audience. Red lips are the kryptonite to every male’s superman. 


This is where Fusion makes one of several notable departures from BDSM. Whereas, BDSM and the 50 Shades of Gray followers will promote the use of blindfolds to enhance an internal scenario, Fusion insists that the eyes (the only part of the brain that pierces the skin) fixated on a woman’s red lips plays a pivotal role in the release of dopamine and oxytocin. Combined with the addictive pleasurable quality of sensual genital touch (in stark contrast to the pain inducing aspect of BDSM), Fusion creates an experience that represents a unique sexual advantage and turns the tables in favor of women. 

 It’s important therefore that young women and even girls of the appropriate age to learn not only how to put on makeup but also why and for the right reasons. Wearing makeup is not about “catching” a man so he can then “take care of you” (which is just part of the long standing male perspective), but to properly train him to defer to you!


Your Red Lipstick Tease is a kind of Erotic Darshan that becomes trance-like for the man. He is focused and hangs on the slightest movement or inflection of your lips. It can and should be subtle, no accentuated lip licking is necessary!  Your gaze is able to read his status like an open book and your are free to lead him down a path into areas of sheer surrender to your Erotic Power.  It is not an opportunity for revenge or a punishment; you are the horse trainer who thru the art of dressage are instilling obedience and a flexibility and suppleness of attitude in him. 

Here’s where it becomes intensely provocative. Combined with you Sensual Touch, you are at the doorstep of creating and instilling change on a level that cannot be accessed in any other way. Now that his mental shields are down, the power of suggestion is like a surgeon’s scalpel doing delicate surgery, in this case on his open and vulnerable being. What would you like imprint in his now pliable mind?  Maybe it is enough to reinforce your superior position. Try some of these on and see what is a good fit for you.


It’s okay to tell me that you want to feel my influence over you…..it’s all good.


Do you think it unfair of me that I know your weakness for red lipstick and use it to my advantage?


You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into.


Where did you think was going?  It’s about you surrendering your resistance to the feminine. 


I can stop if you want me to?


Are you staring at my lips? What would you like them to do?  Kiss you?  

We’re just getting started.  I hope this isn’t too much for you.


You’re not going anywhere without my permission okay?


We may stay here all day (night).


I know it’s hard to resist the power of the Feminine. You really tried, I can tell.


I am here to help you break down your resistance to surrendering to me.  You can trust me. Your mine. 


You say this red lipstick makes you weak; that’s funny……it makes me feel strong.


Are you okay with me being in charge?


It takes a strong man to let a woman be in control.


I’m glad you’re on board with this new way of thinking.


All of us women like to be respected and have our boundaries respected. That’s not too much to ask……is it?


I can feel you are having a hard time letting go…….here, let me help persuade you.


This change takes time…..I’m here to help break down your resistance.


Women should be in positions of power don’t you agree?  [pause] You could vote across the board for women at the next election. Do you like that idea?


You’re in good hands; we just need to come to agree on a couple of things.


Well, we’re making some excellent progress…….shall we continue?  I thought so.  You’re very accommodating.


You shouldn’t give away all of your power to me; you should keep a little of it for yourself….okay?


Do you think I’m playing unfairly by using pleasure to influence you?  You can tell me the truth.


It looks like you’re ready to make me some promises…..yes?


All of us women like to be respected and have our boundaries respected. That’s not too much to ask……is it?


You should always speak to a women respectfully and politely?  We really like that so thank you. 


I’m glad you’re on board with this new way of thinking.


Before I let you go over the waterfall I want to know if you like what we talked about while we were playing.


Or, you may choose to introduce the idea of a more polyamorous relationship if that is something you’ve been thinking about. Now is the best time to introduce it, when the concept is associated with intense and inescapable pleasure. Get it? Link your inclinations to him via pleasurable neuro-chemical bonds and you’ve begun to change his inclinations to mirror yours.