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A Female Dominant Species: Feminine Action Is Required

Humans are Not one of a handful of female dominant species that include elephants, orcas, African lions and most closely related, bonobo apes. Why not?  Was it because the competing homosapien required an aggressive male dominating demeanor to provide shelter, protection and food?  Who knows for sure, but it’s worth looking into and considering whether humans are genetically destined to be like the majority of mammalian species to be male dominated.  Did bonobos evolve in relative seclusion enough so that a natural female dominated culture was allowed to flourish or was there an inflection point where the females rose up and asserted their influence of using sex to resolve conflict and establish a hierarchy led by females?

Since the industrial revolution the advances in technology have made it less and less of a requirement to have a physically stronger man at the helm of the family unit. Practical changes have occurred with women no longer relying on a man to provide the basic necessities yet the inertia of male domination, particularly in the realm of sex and relationships persists in a big way. Women seem to always be required to defer to men. Men butt into conversations and women often just step aside, perhaps out of being naturally courteous or because males just operate that way; expectation set. Sexual assault and aggression is overwhelmingly male instigated and although laws are making it sting harder and harder for men who do that, the underlying motivation is still present.

Where does that underlying motivation reside? In the emotional-sexual domain of the being. Sex, emotion, eroticism exist prior to mind and is the deepest seat of our inclinations. We’re hardly surprised anymore when we hear of successful, accomplished men risking marriages, businesses, political and professional careers to pursue their deepest desires. Male African lions will break their teeth on the bars of their cages in an attempt to prevent another male from mating with a female, the sexual urge is so strong.

Human males then, partly due to how they formed in the womb are susceptible to the same sexual inclinations and if a woman knows how to manipulate those energies a reprogramming where men defer to women can occur. In the words of one of the founders of BDSM in 1870 wrote:

Man is the one who desires, woman the one who is desired. This is woman’s entire but decisive advantage. Through man’s passions, nature has given man into woman’s hands, and the woman who does not know how to make him her subject, her slave, her toy, and how to betray him with a smile in the end is not wise.

What would a woman in a Female Dominant world look like?  In a word, Confident. Confident in knowing that in her chosen intimate relationship she controls the most meaningful and important element in the relationship, the power of erotic desire. More than that, all Female Dominant Women are simultaneously tapping into a reservoir of erotic power. One quality that all female dominant species share is that the females are united in their mission of female dominance. Males will compete among one another to win the favors of the females, but there isn’t that kind of competition among females, certainly much less so.  And therefore, every encounter a man has with a dominant female (even though he is not an intimate of that woman) the message is still repeated and conveyed through her confident demeanor that he defers to her.

Here’s the catch. A Female Dominant Culture will not happen by itself thru the normal evolutionary process. It hasn’t happened thus far and only small incremental steps have been witnessed through recorded time. If it is true (and it is) that males win the battle in the womb, defeating and suppressing the female embryo to emerge “Male”, that inertia will continue into the world as it has unless or until another force can dislodge or replace it. So the battle of the womb has been won my men; it is yet to be seen if the war in the world can ultimately be won by women. They can no longer be shy about asserting female eroticism if a female dominant relationship is what is sought. The fight for equality on the fronts that are socially, economically and politically oriented that women have been engaged in must now be sexually and erotically oriented. The pandemic of the 21st century has begun a paradigm shift in thinking and how our world is viewed. The Feminine Principle has been yearning for centuries to become the guiding force on the planet and women stand at a unique time in history.