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Sexually Beholden: How to Use Male Jealousy

For those who’ve studied the human body and behavior it is commonly agreed upon that there are only two fears that we are born with: the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling (not heights).  Those fears are directly connected with two of the twelve cranial nerves and when a loud noise occurs nearby, you jump, you can’t control it. Also, if you lose your balance or even in a dream if you perceive yourself as falling an automatic response kicks in and you react without thought.

This fact about ourselves suggests then that every other fear is something that we’ve added or learned along the way including the fear of dying, speaking in front of large groups or being seen naked to name just a few. Everything else then is a learned fear or a conditioned response.

What about jealousy then?  Perhaps one of the most intense human emotions. So intense and all consuming that it can and is used as a defense in the murder of another person; the crime of passion defense. It is accepted then that jealousy is a real and so profound emotion that the judicial system incorporates it into proceedings.

Just observe a woman and man who, after meeting each other and becoming sexually and romantically involved suddenly develop intense feelings of jealousy around each other. Jealousy is a real response and one that is a natural consequence of being sexually involved with someone. Does it come from somewhere in our DNA that seeks to protect and promote our own set of genes for future generations or is it a learned response? Or both?

Let’s back up (in time) for a moment and look at human development and look at structures inherent to us all…like those cranial nerves linked to inherent fears. The size of a male’s testicles at least in primates suggests where the sperm battle occurs. For example, gorillas have small testicles in relation to body size because when a male gorilla becomes dominant it is given that he alone will mate with the females. Not the case with other primates like chimpanzees or humans where the testicles are larger in relation to body size and results in sperm battles that take place in the female’s vagina. There are even “killer sperm” that kill another male’s sperm so it has a better chance of fertilizing the egg. The shape of the penis is designed to scoop out other male’s sperm and replace it with his own. 

How did this play out in human evolution?  In village life for example, if a man witnessed a woman that he was sexually attracted to have sex with another man, his jealous response was that of intense sexual arousal and given the chance (and permission) would cause him to thrust deeper and with greater energy to displace the previous man’s sperm. Mother Nature was pleased as punch at this arrangement because it ensured diversity among the species and all species are engaged in the competition for survival.

Historians and anthropologists all agree that one of the greatest paradigm shifts in human development occurred when village life, the hunter gather model, eventually was replaced with the development of agriculture where humans could raise their own food and was a less risky proposition for survival than before. The agrarian model changed everything. From the technology of farming tools to the heavy manual labor required to farm the land, it became an organized effort led mostly by men. The industrial revolution, another great paradigm shift eventually changed that as well as how many people are required to grow food. In the early days of that new model of human existence (that has lasted up until only fairly recently), women’s roles changed from hunter gathers to tending to the needs of one family rather than one of many contributing to village life. This is because that along with agrarian life eventually came the ownership of the land itself which had to be defended both practically from outside threat and legally from economic threat.

So if a man is out plowing the field or tending to animals, how does he ensure that his sperm goes on to fertilize the eggs of his love and sex interest?  The jealousy mechanism is still inherent in his being, but he’s not there full-time to displace another man’s sperm in his partner. 

He does it by ownership. The woman, who’s very survival along with her children are completely dependent on this expertly designed and driven male model of existence. Step out of that model and you’re in trouble in every sense of the word. To this day, slut shaming was born out of the notion that women and their sexual lives can belong to one man.  Long ago, women would show up on the list of men’s possessions like the property and the cattle. The marriage contract would seal the deal and it has only been in the last few decades (in some countries) that women have learned that the contract of marriage cuts both ways. In trying to secure ownership of a woman, the unintended consequences bit back; funny how that happens.

Okay, so agrarian society set the norm for a long time that is still in place today, but most people don’t live or work on the farm anymore.  Women are no longer dependent on men for survival. Testicle size hasn’t changed, sexual jealousy is still part of human hard wiring but women are no longer under the thumb of men any longer. They can provide for themselves and raise children without being completely dependent on the support of a man. Mate selection is now much more left to the whims and preferences of the woman. On one hand women have the desire to perhaps find a soul mate and best friend and on the other you have a female’s innate desire to mate with the best and most attractive set of genes among men. 

Female Primacy is based in the irrefutable knowledge that every human person starts out in the womb as a female. In the first few weeks of development, if hormonal and chromosomal changes occur, as they do in about half of all fertlizations then a male embryo develops by overtaking and suppressing the feminine aspects of the embryo.

The original and default setting for humans is clearly female and males come from or are created by females. That should tell you then that women hold the keys to controlling and influencing men if they only learn the secret in how to do that. Because men come from women they are able to be controlled and manipulated by women via the same way they became differentiated: Sexually.  Even though men have come into this world by way of conquering and take that into the world to explore and conquer the world, men do it almost always to lay it at the feet of a woman.  The Taj Mahal in India was constructed by a man as a tribute to a woman to name just one example. Men attempt to conquer vast “lands” in business, finance, politics and compete for attention and favor of Women.

How do women then cultivate that inherent desire in men to serve and honor their female counterpart?  Not surprising, the answer lies in the inherent attraction to female beauty; the original feminine force that preceded and created men. To say it is sexual would be correct, but it goes deeper than that. Men cannot help themselves but to be possessed by a woman’s beauty that takes many shapes, colors and forms. Men risk careers, power and influence because they are so attracted to the Feminine.

FUSION is both a philosophy and method based on Female Primacy and is intended to restore the rightful power of Women to be the dominant influence in the world.  Fusion is built on Female Confidence.  The confidence that knows the Feminine is the original and pre-ceding Force in this conditional realm.  Fusion uses the power of the Feminine to forge jealousy in a man into the attraction and surrender to the Woman. How does this happen?  Not surprising it begins with the inner attitude of the woman who’s own conviction of her superior role in the relationship becomes the guiding principle. It’s not about being demanding or angry with men because of how they are born. It is about understanding all of that natural masculine force and how to use it to the advantage and furthering of women.

While you are slowly stroking his cock with him in wrist restraints and him wholly focused on your immaculate makeup and gorgeous Red

Lips, you must convey to him in the most honest, loving and intimate terms that even though you have his heart and he has yours in love, he can never be your only source of sexual enjoyment and satisfaction. As initially difficult and vulnerable it will be for him, you have to re-establish the ancient link between his jealousy and intense sexual pleasure rather than the learned response of lashing out or violent control of a women. And, when given the opportunity he will be so rock hard with arousal he’ll want to thrust into you as deeply as he can (or you allow). When and how a woman exercises her sexual autonomy, be it vibrators, dildos, another woman and or man is a topic for another day, but the point here is that the man is deferring to the woman’s wants, needs and desires…and Erotic Control.

The urge to compete against other males for your attention will get activated as well and most likely see greater motivation in life and efforts to get and keep your attention. It is the opposite of what happens typically in relationships after familiarity sets in; his eyes start wandering towards other females.  You can’t let the notion that he has you and can take your attention for granted and male straying is not something that can be brought under control in conversations over morning coffee and blueberry scones.

You have to have the Confidence to exercise your sexual and erotic control over him or suffer the consequences and young women should be taught this from their first interest in boys and why this next point is so important.

Female Primacy requires a strong female coalition. Of the Female Dominant species: Lions, Orcas, Bonobos, Elephants, Bees to name a few…the one thing they all have in common is that females are united in their collective superior position of leadership and guidance within the group. There isn’t infighting about who mates with the males. The males fight it out in their own way and the best set of genes typically wins out, but females stay above that fray.  Which is why The Bachelor is such an absurd proposition: women vying for the attention of one man. It is a juvenile way of thinking and not surprisingly attracts a mostly juvenile audience. The question all women should ask themselves is: Why aren’t humans a Female Dominant species?

Take a bee colony for example. Every working bee in the hive is female. Drones (male bees) are born from unfertilized eggs and without the ability to gather nectar or pollen and without a stinger to help defend the hive. Their sole purpose is to mate with a queen bee who flies hundreds of feet into the air and mates with as many as twenty drone bees that were able to keep up with her!

Likewise, if Female Primacy is to be established, Women must let go of the notion that they need to compete for the attention of men. They already have that! Never forget: men are always on the hunt for sexual contact with women and ultimately ejaculatory release; it comes from how they formed in the womb. Women’s survival is no longer dependent on “catching a man” so he can provide food and shelter for her and her children, (yet fathering a child comes with an obligation and responsibility.) Women are in the driver’s seat if they will take the wheel.

FUSION is both the understanding and the method to turn the tables in favor of Women. Without an actual tangible action, Female Empowerment becomes just talk, and men don’t respond to what Women say typically. One of FUSION’s themes therefore is: F.A.I.R. which stands for Feminine Action Is Required. The Sexual & Erotic Play that is FUSION reaches right down to the emotional core of every man and it is like a back door hack that every Woman should know.