Fusion Movement

Jared post

Q: I’M HOPING TO GIVE A MALE PERSPECTIVE HERE. I really like how Fusion has brought together all these different kinds of sexual play I enjoy. You didn’t mention anything about perfume; isn’t smell is one of the senses to be involved? I would much prefer a woman’s thick, smothering perfume over scented candles and spa music for my Fusion play. What are some of your reader’s favorite perfumes that would work? Thank you. – Jared D

A: Great observation Jared! This is where Fusion departs from traditional Tantric massage; same keen awareness of sexual energy, but Fusion uses most all of the senses in provoking erotic male energy that is used to elicit total surrender of the man to a woman’s benign feminine dominance.
Similarly, the music choice for Fusion Play shouldn’t be “relaxing” in the conventional way which is another departure from traditional sensual massage, but it shouldn’t be agitating either. Your music should first give the woman a sense of power and control and secondarily provoke sexual energy in the man that in combination with your Red Lipstick Tease and Sensual Touch will become your own style of erotic waterboarding ultimately resulting in his surrender to you. We want to use all of the senses to overwhelm our partners.
Let’s get Jared some perfume options he can gift his partner with!