Fusion Movement

How Training A Horse And Training A Man Are Similar

Dressage, dating as far back as 350 BC is a French term meaning: the art of riding and training a horse in a manner that develops obedience, flexibility, and balance. Dressage is training practiced with patience and care with the purpose to strengthen and supple the horse while maintaining a calm and attentive demeanor.


Likewise, FUSION and it’s Method is the art of reprogramming a man to surrender and submit to the skilled Woman via Erotic Provocation administered tactfully by the “Provoktress”. And like dressage, Fusion is practiced from the position of Female Confidence, Patience and Care and NEVER from anger or in a punitive manner anymore than training a horse would be done out of anger.  This is also why Fusion also stands for the unique fusing of Feminism and Eroticism for the first time.  Old school feminism can contain an element of man-hating that doesn’t have a place in the practice of Fusion which is sex positive and male positive, although it does involve his willingly handing over power to her. 

The tack needed for riding a horse: the saddle, bridle & bit are just like the wrist restraints used in Fusion. In both cases, it signals that the Woman is in control and there is about to begin a process or training the man and the horse must submit to.

The hand work and skilled use of the reins by a rider to guide the horse comes naturally after understanding the basics and then practicing until you’ve mastered the nuances. Then, the subtlest gesture or movement of the rider’s hands instructs the horse’s direction and gait.  Similarly, the art of Sensual Touch comes natural to most women who’s innate intuition guides her hands over his cock and balls keeping him just on this side of orgasm. Slow is Pro as the saying goes…it’s not a race to the finish after all; it’s about keeping him surrendered and submitted to you through pleasure. Pretty soon you’ll establish a steady rhythm or “canter” in which you control the ebb and flow of your Erotic Provocation guiding him wherever you want to take him. This training can go on for an hour or more, drawing him deeper and deeper into your Erotic Influence.

Just like working with a high-spirited horse, controlling his pleasure and natural inclination towards orgasm by mastering your frenulum technique, something younger men need training in, will lead to more prolonged intercourse and pleasure for women when they choose to mount their men (always on top of course).

Just like a rider will give the horse positive reinforcement you should convey to him that what pleases you and what you value most is his submission and surrender to your Erotic Power & Mastery over him. While you’re stroking his cock, reaffirm that it’s okay to surrender to you and he can give his power to you…he’s in good hands, quite literally. 

All this time you are right in front of him with your gorgeous Red Lips at eye level. This is yet another powerful means of Erotic Provocation that elicits the release of dopamine and oxytocin in his brain and has the same addictive quality that watching porn has on him…except in this case it is you and your stunning glam makeup that he’s becoming addicted to!

Head Up, Heels Down

Although there isn’t a direct correlation between the Red Lipstick Tease of FUSION and training a horse, there is the element of Confidence in both. To take command of a dressage horse requires much confidence on the part of the rider and the minute you sit in the saddle the horse knows your confidence level. Likewise, the Erotic Confidence you bring to your Fusion Date will be felt by him immediately. You should always take a position that is slightly elevated from his so that he is always below looking up to you. This reinforces your superior role in relation to his subordinate position. With your head slightly tilted back, you can imagine looking at him from your cheek bones rather than your eyes while he remains fixated on your lips. From there, you’ll be able to read his face and with the slightest movement of your lips you will draw him deeper into your provocative trance.

The confidence instilled in young female riders in their ability to control an animal many times greater in weight and strength is something they carry with them into every day life. Learning how to control men through Erotic Confidence is something young women should be taught at the appropriate age. It sets the tone for relationships with men who often have something to learn about treating women with respect. Young women need to be lifted out of the notion that they need to make themselves beautiful and attractive in order to have boys like them or later on to “catch” a man. Rather, everything from glam to fashion and art should teach women that they already have the upper hand in Female/Male relations and they just need to realize it and assert it. 

Many a horse owner and trainer will tell you that what a horse wants more than anything is to be in service to humankind and is where they realize their ultimate potential. Women created men (see prior posts about human embryology) and need to help men fulfill their ultimate potential through their surrender and honor of the Feminine in the form of the Confident Female.