Fusion Movement


A New Kind of Playdate

Fusion puts the woman in charge to lead her partner into exciting erotic exploration and new awareness. Fusion Play is safe, consensual, and inclusive play—always positive and never mean, Fusion is about reprogramming the male mind into surrendering to the feminine through prolonged pleasure and erotic provocation “As the word “fusion” implies, Fusion Play combines three essential elements.”


Restraints have long been used by couples in intimate play, a way to explore the element of who’s in control (dominant) and who isn’t (submissive.) in other words, good fun. There’s nothing like being restrained to drive home the point that you have only one option: surrender and enjoy. Even if you’ve never used them, Fusion Play begins when the restraints come out.


Study after study proves it: red glossy lips are like kryptonite to every man’s superman—deeply affecting eye movement, heart rate, and yes, arousal. During Fusion Play, the woman flaunts her most luscious shade of red lipstick and adds some tease to the pleasing. When your red lipstick tease turns into his red lipstick trance, you’ll know you have him right where you want him, adding to your partners inner struggle to submit and surrender as you exploit the male psychology to your erotic advantage.


How can something as delicate as the touch of nails on skin be so intensely pleasurable? The court calls dopamine to the stand, dopamine is a chemical the brain releases in response to pleasure and anticipation, dopamine is addictive by nature and has one message: more!
Combined with the submission that restraints require and the fire stoking of the red lipstick tease, sensual touch seals your partner’s fate in relinquishing control. View our Tantalizing Techniques page for an insider’s guide to flaunting, shall we say, your edge in the erotic proceedings—with the liberty to define the mood, pace, and ultimate conclusion.