Fusion Movement


Women Are Here First, Always

The default setting for humanity is female.

Everyone who has ever lived or will ever live in the future starts out in the womb as female. Think about it. Everyone, every time a person is born they all started out as female. The male is created from the female, not the other way around, and is a necessary, but a secondary add-on to a female originating world; At the Fusion Movement, we take an in-depth look into women’s sexual function. This sexual function is known as “Female Primacy.” The human woman’s sexual prowess and sexual nature fuse with other areas of life, including human sexuality, gender, culture, inclusivity, confidence, sexual consent, emotions, empowerment, and space.

Here, the complexities and nuances of women’s sexuality are embraced rather than merely tolerated. The Fusion Movement is dedicated to being proactive and enacting change in how
women’s power dynamics are viewed and practiced.


Our main goal is to shift the paradigm and put women in the seat of power socially, sexually, in the workforce, and politically. We want women to successfully dominate different areas of life. The aggressive nature of cis-gendered males also makes them vulnerable to the erotic provocations of the skilled woman. We will delve into sex, sensuality, and the abstract methods by which women express their sexuality. Red lips can signify a woman’s arousal. We embrace red lipstick, encouraging women to utilize the power of red lipstick to dominate the scene. The red lips are symbolic of the oestrus cycle seen in women.

Female Primacy is about teasing, using restraint during consenting sexual activity, and the abstract methods in which sexuality can be expressed. Sensuality, red lipstick (to indicate arousal), teasing, and restraints are accepted and acknowledged as part of female primacy. The primal urges of women should be expressed, not oppressed.

We listen to women, acknowledge them, and we hold no judgment. Women have primal desires and discuss the complexities of human female sexuality and sensuality no-holds-barred. The primal scream (or silence) from the big O and the big O itself are some of our most favorite discussions.

Women of all ages, socio-economic backgrounds, and beliefs are welcome to be part of the Fusion Movement. We’ll provide resources concerning different women’s issues. These issues include women in the workplace, female reproduction, menopause, monogamy, polyamory, polysexuality, LGBTQIA+ issues (we also discuss women and their relationship to the LGBTQIA+ community and “Queer” spaces), women’s empowerment, dominas, and women’s rights.

On our platform, you will find resources and information from influential women working in culture, creativity, sociology, sexology, makeup artistry, art, science, and other important areas in life. We will work closely with women influencers to host events, speak publicly, and hold workshops.

By joining our movement, you can help us enact real change to make the world a better place for women first and foremost. At the center of our movement is the desire to remove the conquer and control and its negative effects, replacing it with a better system: Care and Cooperation.

The Fusion Movement is on the precipice of sparking the greatest paradigm shift in human history: Women dominating the scene and being at the helm of all levels of power by giving voice to their native language of sensuality and eroticism.

The 5 principles of Female Primacy