Fusion Movement

Female Empowerment That’s Not Just Talk

We talk around it, we hint at it, but what is it that we’re really talking about? It’s about Female Gender Dominance or Female Primacy. And it’s not at all about hating on men, it’s about restoring what is always already the case.  Remember, everyone starts out in the womb as female; sorry Adam, but Eve came first!

Most men can be taught to follow the rules especially if their paycheck is on the line, but step outside that environment and the emotional underpinnings are that women are second to men. Feminism has traditionally been built on acquiring equality for women using social, political and economic means. Why then would you forfeit that hard earned real estate when you enter into personal relationships?

Unless the underlying emotional (and therefore sexual) foundation upon which everything else stems is addressed and turned about there will always be the apparent surface change, but not real and long lasting change for women.

Well how does one make changes in one’s personal and sexual lives that will put women in the emotional driver’s seat and allow them to dictate the terms of relationships…and not just personal relationships, but ones that involve compensation and recognition and respect. It may come as a surprise, but it does not come from talking to men. That is their realm of rationalizing, obfuscating and debate. No, it must come from a deeper place, prior to thought and that place is the emotional-sexual realm. You know, the place where women reign supreme. Tap into your own reservoir of Sexual and Erotic Confidence and use that to reprogram men to defer to you emotionally. Deep down you know it can be done. Women made men, they came from the female form and so women have the blueprint to what makes men tick sexually.

This is where FUSION shows women how to hack into a man’s sexual psychological back door. The simplicity of FUSION is also part of its genius. FUSION gleans three elements of erotic play and puts them together in a whole new way that puts men under the control and sexual influence of the woman. Ultimately it is about love. It is about the Feminine finally coming into Power to lead this world to its greater destiny. So yes, FUSION looks like sexual play, but its ramifications are enormous.

This is how FUSION works. As the name implies FUSION is a combining of different elements of Erotic Play but it will be important to point out what FUSION eliminates as much as it includes. There is a scientific and psychological basis for every element all of which work synergistically to create a sensual and provocative experience that no man is capable of defending himself from.

The first element of FUSION is Restraints and is the simplest of the three elements. All that is required is to restrain the man’s arms. Easy right? Use whatever you have at hand: scarves, straps, leather cuffs. That simple act however is the first gesture of him giving his power over to you and it is significant. It says from the beginning that you as the Woman are in control and dictate whatever comes next. This is where you put away the whips and riding crops and where FUSION takes a right turn from BDSM. Remember, FUSION is about Love and is not about corporal punishment or the inflicting of pain which causes a recoil in the nervous system, a natural reaction to pull away. We want him to open up and be completely vulnerable to you.

Here is another important part of Restraints and that is where you always want to be in a position where you are slightly above him so he is always looking up to you. There is no “going down” on the part of the woman in FUSION. In the animal kingdom, for example birds of paradise with their elaborate mating rituals, the male always has to be below the female for her to even consider allowing the male to eventually mate with her…after he’s proven fit.

This superior positioning then sets up the woman for the second element of FUSION and which sets FUSION apart from any other form of Erotic Play. It is called the Red Lipstick Tease and is the tip of the spear when it comes to FUSION. Again, you can leave the blindfolds in the drawer because we want his eyes (which are the only part of the brain that pierces the skin) to be completely focused on your finely tuned and captivating RED lips.

True, the eyes may be the window to the soul, but a woman’s red lips are the interface to the universe of Female Erotic Power and Influence. There’s no question about it. Scientific research shows that dopamine is released in the brains of men just by watching a woman put on Red Lipstick. And why red? Who knows for sure, but it is like the red cape of the matador that the bull is fatally drawn to and a woman’s luscious red lips have the same effect that kryptonite has on Superman, they become weak kneed and can fall under the sensual spell of a woman. Men have realized this and the threat it poses to their being in control. This is why women have been branded witches for wearing red lipstickĀ in the past and have been required to cover their faces entirely in some cases and places. Feminine Beauty is that powerful.

Psychologists have said that pornography is “magnetically attracting” to men. They cannot help themselves and we’ve all read about how so many men have become addicted to porn. The digital porn world has tapped into a structure within the male psyche and nervous system that wasn’t possible prior to the internet. Porn sites and even youtube are filled with videos of the Red Lipstick Tease…some performed better and subtler than others. 

FUSION exploits the same structure within the male libido; you can call it “live porn” if you will. There are endless tutorials on the subject, but the more meticulous you create your makeup and red lips the more powerful will the attraction be. Your Red Lipstick Tease need not be over done; subtle movements of your lips is all that is required and it is all about Confidence, you monitoring his facial expressions while he is fixated on every movement of your Provocative Red Lips.

The third element seals his fate of submission to your Erotic Influence and that is Sensual Touch. Every woman should learn the male anatomy and how the penis is built. On the underside, just below the head is an area called the frenulum and is only about a square centimeter or two in area, but is loaded with pleasure sensors. So much so that by gentle stroking the frenulum, an orgasm can be elicited in a minute or two. That is not the goal. In fact, it is the delaying of orgasm that FUSION seeks to accomplish. Also remember that the nipples are the second most erogenous zone. BDSM will include nipple torture where FUSION focuses on nipple pleasure that elicits emotional openness rather than protectiveness. It is the perpetuation of prolonged erotic pleasure that continually bathes his brain with pleasurably addictive hormones and brain chemistry. Some have referred to this prolonged inescapable experience as Erotic Waterboarding. Once again, it is not about anything negative; with the release of oxytocin the “falling in love” brain chemical along with dopamine, what you are doing is making him fall in love with your Erotic Power. Let that sink in for a moment. Think about the Power and Confidence that instills in Women.

Now you have him completely splayed out to you, sexually aroused and surrendered to you…your Red Lipstick tease has become his Red Lipstick Trance, you should keep him on the edge of orgasm, but not letting him go over the edge. This FUSION Play can go on for an hour or more; the longer it goes on the more you reinforce your superior sexual Position.

This is where you can take him to the next level with your words. He is emotionally vulnerable to you and you can begin to tinker around in his mind. Start by encouraging him to surrender even more to you and that it is very pleasurable to do so. Ask him to acknowledge that he finds it very enjoyable to have you sexually and erotically controlling him. Then you can start asking him what fantasies or thoughts turn him on. You may be surprised at what he reveals once he’s become accustomed to you being in control. You might entertain some of you own now that the tables have turned in your favor!

You will know when it’s time to bring the train back to the station and it doesn’t always have to end with him having an orgasm although it most often does. For some men not orgasming will be frustrating which isn’t the response you want. But for some other men, the intense desire for you and longing for release is another form of pleasure and a sign you have gained more control over him.

When you do allow him to finish, it should be excruciatingly slow and not a race to the finish line. He should also feel like he needs to earn it from you. You can tell him that you really enjoyed this play and you would like to do it again. If he agrees then you can slowly allow him to go over the waterfall simply by caressing the frenulum with your thumb all the while he’s still focused on your red lips.

This repeated exercise of you establishing Female Primacy in your personal relationship has ramifications outside the bedroom. You’ll notice his attention is more focused on you and doesn’t wander. Imagine if a dating site centered around FUSION? Such a model would set the tone of relationships from get go and. put the woman in the driver’s seat.

What if FUSION was used to reprogram sexually aggressive men? The FUSION “Provoktress”, trained in the art of Erotic Provocation & Seduction would lead a man on a path of respect, appreciation and surrender to the Feminine Principle. It’s about Love, and isn’t Love also about Service? Service is Love made Visible. Service to what or to whom?  To WOMEN! 

One could say then that FUSION is also the fusing of Feminism and Eroticism for the first time in a completely Confident and Unapologetic Movement of like-minded women.

Where can this Female Primacy lead? We have already witnessed how women have shaken off the dependency of men to provide food and shelter over the past 50-100 years. No longer does a woman need a man to provide the necessary means for survival that dictated civilization from the very beginning. Think about it. How would the world look if Female Primacy was the principle upon which we humans led our lives instead of a male dominated society?  It may come as a surprise that there are several female dominant species in the world and humans is not one of them? But that can change. But let me tell you something, it won’t happen by sitting down and negotiating terms with men. It will come by way of Confident Women taking the reins and speaking their native language of Feminine Power demonstrated through Sexual and Erotic Dominance or Primacy.

You can see and feel the latent Force of the Feminine in the female form; it has been waiting (as well as being suppressed by men) since the beginning of human time on the planet.

That Force, if allowed or Asserted in the world would not separate children from families at a border. It would begin to divert resources from machinery designed to take the lives of fellow human feeling beings to creating means for sustaining and honoring life through cooperation, tolerance and peace. 

It’s been said that 80% of work on an endeavor is done by 20% of the people. Perhaps true; perhaps not. But 20% would be enough. If 20% of the women in the world took up the method of and the philosophy behind FUSION, the Play and the Purpose the Age of Aquarius, the House of the Woman will be ushered in.