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Challenges in Women’s Empowerment

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Empowerment is acquiring and using personal power. Women’s empowerment can be a long process because they have been discriminated against for so long, and in some countries, women still lack fundamental rights.

There are many challenges that women face in their lives. They are often paid less, have fewer opportunities for advancement, and are more likely to be discriminated against or sexually harassed. Let’s explore this further below

Education barrier

In some countries, women are not allowed to study at all or past a certain level. Poverty-stricken and marginalized communities often assume that women do not need to study. This creates a power dynamic whereby the men are learned, and thus they control the country.

Employment barrier

Many people still believe a woman’s place is in the kitchen. This limits the number of opportunities open to women. Even when employed, women are still vastly underpaid and unconsidered for career advancement. This also contributes to the domination of men in most professional spaces.

Sexual harassment and abuse

Women are often victims of sexual harassment and abuse when men disrespect their boundaries. This significantly contributes to a woman’s psychological and mental health. Women who go through sexual abuse are left traumatized and gullible.

Child marriage

Many women in some parts of the world are married at a young age. This prevents them from living a full life and pursuing their dreams. When married young, women are left at the mercy of their husbands, who most of the time abuse them.

Crime and Violence

In some parts of the world, violence against women and girls has become so normalized that it is accepted as part of life. In these regions, there are no consequences for committing acts of violence or abuse against women or girls and there are no laws to prevent this type of violence from happening.


Femicide is the murder of a woman or girl because she is a woman or girl. It’s an extreme form of gender-based violence. Femicide happens all over the world, but it’s especially prevalent in Latin America. In some countries, like El Salvador, it’s one of the leading causes of death for girls and women aged 10 to 39.


Women’s empowerment is a vital component of societal development. When women are empowered, their families and communities are empowered as well.

Women’s empowerment is an essential factor for the development of society. It is not only about the advancement of women in terms of education, employment, and social status but also about the improvement of general living conditions for all people.

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