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The 5 Principles of Female Primacy

The 5 Principles of Female Primacy

Fusion Movement fuses Female Primacy and women’s empowerment to create the greatest paradigm shift in human history: women taking the lead in and out of the bedroom. The world is changing, and it will no longer be a “man’s world,” as Aretha Franklin sang in the 60s. Women are starting to take a proactive role […]

Women and Non-Monogamous Relationships

Women and Non-Monogamous Relationships

Female sexuality is incredibly complex and varied. Dual Mating Strategy According to several studies, human females, like other female primates, have a dual matingstrategy.The first and primary mating strategy is rooted in the need for a safe and stable environment to raise children. That’s why females will often choose males that offer emotional and domestic […]

How Training A Horse And Training A Man Are Similar

Dressage, dating as far back as 350 BC is a French term meaning: the art of riding and training a horse in a manner that develops obedience, flexibility, and balance. Dressage is training practiced with patience and care with the purpose to strengthen and supple the horse while maintaining a calm and attentive demeanor. Likewise, […]

Males Have the Market Cornered on Violence…they have the receipts and the scars.

Setting aside the political motivations for the moment, the violence at the Nation’s capitol was overwhelmingly male. Of course it was you say, but why is that? Why is most all violence, be it politically, racially or sexually motivated almost always carried out by males?  The origins of aggressiveness by males, and not just human males […]

Who Do Women Wear Makeup For?

First, we need a few disclaimers before we launch into a conversation about makeup. It isn’t just the cis woman who wears makeup right? Lots of different folks out there who have their own reasons for wearing makeup…women, men and all of those who identify as them or both. Secondly, women can wear makeup or […]

Two Square Centimeters

For anyone who has read something about Fusion Movement they soon find out that it isn’t just a talking school when it comes to Women’s Empowerment…although there is plenty to talk about these days! But for those Confident and Sexually Autonomous Women, Fusion is a technique that gives an immediate and “hands on” means to assert their […]

Can the Fusion Method be used to halt male sexual aggression?

Male sexual aggression, sexual assault, sexual harassment are all on the radar…for sure. If you’re a man, and you don’t know this yet, you’ve been put on notice. Even your speech (as most of us are aware) is being analyzed for imperfections. By now you should know the ground rules and danger signs. It’s been […]