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Can Fusion Polyamory Save Your Relationship?


So here you are. Whether you’re a woman or a man reading this, you’re here because you love your partner, and we want to be together indefinitely. Yet, despite all our best intentions, we find ourselves feeling stuck. Research shows that 50% of our marriages will end in divorce. A woman initiates three out of four of these cases. Divorce is often due to the man’s lack of commitment followed by and no doubt closely related to infidelity.

One of the prevailing sentiments of those terminal relationships that began full of hope and promise is feeling exhausted with both parties willing to throw in the towel. Could the exhaustion stem from the effort of continuing to attempt to hammer the square peg of monogamy into the anything but defined shape of human sexuality?

Nature claims diversity as non-negotiable. It is hardwired in all ethnic groups. Every species that has come and gone has failed in genetic diversity, environmental adaptability, or both. Homo-sapiens won out over the many other hominids because we were adaptable and genetically diverse. 

If this is true on the macro-level, it must be valid on the micro-level, in other words, in our daily lives. Fusion Polyamory acknowledges this principle in its outline for curating female-driven polyamorous relationships.

The book Fusion Polyamory looks into the quantum mechanics of our human sexual functions. While it may seem completely counterintuitive initially, the answers to our prayers are hidden right before our very eyes. Over hundreds of thousands of years, the evolved structures in all of us have made monogamy irrelevant. The long-standing “bylaws” of matrimony seem to have been there forever. However, society introduced marriage vows a mere 500 years ago, and women recently started omitting the part about the wife “obeying” her husband.

Fusion Polyamory also delves into the “fairness” issue of a one-sided female-led polyamorous relationship through its consideration of Female Primacy based partly on the indisputable truth that everyone starts in the womb as a female. Fusion Polyamory is not about trying to convince men of some kind of female fantasy. It is about getting men in touch with something that has always been present in them.

Heteronormativity is not the only aspect of a woman’s polyamorous nature. After all, women are responsible for human existence and creating various genders and sexual expressions. A cis-gender woman can have natural sexual relations with other women, transgender individuals, and even gay-identified men. They all derive from her and are nuanced expressions of the original woman at scale on a continuum. Prenatal androgen exposure may be the reason for variations in sexuality. 

Fusion Polyamory is meant to help the human species transition into a better understanding of itself, especially related to relationships, reproduction, and inducing the most significant paradigm shift in human history.

Buy your copy and learn–as a woman: You can have your cake and eat it too, and not become another statistic–and as a man, find your commitment and sexual focus on your wife or girlfriend renewed to what you felt when you first met. 

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