Fusion Movement

Brianna post


A: Because it works! As the saying goes “Power is never given, it must be taken”, but don’t confuse confrontation with anger or hostility. We have to understand how we got here, I mean literally how we got here. Every person born male bears the physical genital scar of the hormonal battle they won in the womb….that line down the middle is a scar. Everyone starts out as female in the womb and with the introduction of testosterone, the developing male suppresses and overpowers the female in the womb. Much of what we see in the world is simply the inertia of that initial struggle in the womb carried on in the world. Civilization has been built on the competitiveness that started as part of how we formed and explains why “defense” far outspends care for children. It also explains why we continually hear about women being assaulted or harassed, denied rights and opportunities taken away. Of course not all men suffer from toxic masculinity, but because the structures are there from the beginning there are inequities on the subtle level that aren’t even being acknowledged. But the secret is right before our eyes! The same structure that can result in male aggressiveness and zealous behavior is also what makes them susceptible to your erotic provocations and influence. You just need to understand how it all works and have the confidence to act. Males may have won the battle in the womb, but women can win the war in the world if they will seize the opportunity. Feminine Action Is Required! So put on your “war paint” and get to work…or Play! May we suggest a true red lipstick!