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Two Square Centimeters

For anyone who has read something about Fusion Movement they soon find out that it isn’t just a talking school when it comes to Women’s Empowerment…although there is plenty to talk about these days! But for those Confident and Sexually Autonomous Women, Fusion is a technique that gives an immediate and “hands on” means to assert their […]

Can the Fusion Method be used to halt male sexual aggression?

Male sexual aggression, sexual assault, sexual harassment are all on the radar…for sure. If you’re a man, and you don’t know this yet, you’ve been put on notice. Even your speech (as most of us are aware) is being analyzed for imperfections. By now you should know the ground rules and danger signs. It’s been […]


Dita Von Teese once said that red lipstick and high heels will put the fear of God into men.  Why do some women still have to cover their beautiful faces and  once were branded “witches” for wearing red lipstick?  Because men were threatened by the power of the Feminine and they shut it down.   Psychologist’s research […]